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What's new in Sunisoft Skin Solutions v2

Since 2001, we provide skin solutions (SUIPack/SUISkin) for Delphi/C++Builder developers. Since 2005, we extended our skin technique to .NET(Winforms) platform (IrisSkin). Sunisoft Skin Solutions v2 is a full upgrade for all these products. It includes, an upgraded specification for skin description, a brand new SkinBuilder tool which is much easier to use for UI/skin designers, and the upgraded components for developers.

  • Upgraded specification for skin description, more flexible in design and implementation.
  • A brand new SkinBuilder tool which is much easier to use for UI/skin designers.
  • Added the support for password protected skin file.
  • Decreased the size of the skin file much.
  • Supports more flexible design for the shape of a window. Just use transparent color to define non-rectangle title bar and/or bottom border.
  • Supports 5 sections definition for title bar, so that a special section can be designed for showing the caption of the window.
  • Added the definition for title bar font color.
  • Improved definition for progress bars.
  • Added the definition for main menu bar.
  • Added the definition for button font color.
  • Added the support for indeterminate status of check boxes.
  • Improved the skin effect of the slider of scroll bars.

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